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CZ Print Job Tracker 3.0 allows centralized tracking, auditing, managing and controlling of print jobs for the local and network prin
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Company: CZ Solution
License: Shareware
Version: 3
System: Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003
Size: 12697 KB
Date Released: 15-09-2004
Price: 69
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Downloads: 267
Date added: Sep 22, 2005
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CZ Print Job Tracker 3.0 allows centralized tracking, auditing, managing and controlling of print jobs for the local and network printer while eliminating wasted paper and reducing maintenance time. It allows no changes to your current network, printers, and workstations settings, and no client software needed on the workstation. 1, Easy-to-use. Allows no change on your current printers, workstations and network settings. 2, Easy Reports. Provides 55 FREE Reports including 31 default reports and 24 customized reports . 3, Real-time Tracking. Captures the detail print job information including name of the user who send the job, the document name, number of pages, total cost, print job size, submitted time and date, print job status, destination printer, name of the computer from which the job was sent, duplex, color and paper size. 4, Real-time Auditing. Shows total number, total pages, and total cost of waiting jobs in real time. 5, Easy Management. Allows to pause, resume, restart, cancel one or multiple print jobs on different monitored printers at one time. and allows to cancel all print jobs on all monitored printers automatically at user-defined time. 6, Easy Control. Controls print jobs automatically by setting the maximum allowable page count, document restrictions, user restrictions and computer restrictions, and sent the popup message to the user who sent the print job. 7, Easy Charging. Charges print jobs based on monochrome / color, duplex and paper size. 8, Easy History Check. Shows the printed jobs and deleted jobs in a user-defined time frame. 9, Easy Access Point. Provides easy access to the Printer Folder where you can add, remove, configure local and network printers. 10, Easy Export. Allows to export all or partial print jobs data as Excel, HTML, and Text file. 11, Easy Database. Stores print jobs data in Microsoft® Access data format that you can integrate with other applications easily.


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