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4TOPS Query Tree Editor is an add-in for MS Access for query development. Edit and run queries from a tree dialog. The Query Tre
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Company: 4TOPS
License: Shareware
Version: 2
System: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP
Size: 619 KB
Date Released: 15-11-2003
Price: 99
Screenshot: Click here to see Screenshot
Downloads: 896
Date added: Sep 27, 2005
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4TOPS Query Tree Editor is an add-in for MS Access for query development. Edit and run queries from a tree dialog. The Query Tree dialog displays the dependency tree of the selected query (Uses / Used By). The buttons on the dialogs support a natural way of working with queries, smoothly switching from the tree overview to query editing to saving different versions or running them to evaluate the results. Double-click on a query opens the query datasheet. Press the Edit button to make required changes using the Query Editor. The Print button writes the tree to the Debug Window. Use it to compare query dependency trees or to paste it into your documentation. Double-click on multiple queries to compare results. This will help you diagnose in case queries don`t return the results you expected. Features: Open: show what the selected query results are. Open several queries at the same time to see how the data combine. Design: open query in Access` query builder. Edit: start the special Query Editor Print: prints the tree to the debug window including the description of the queries an tables. Start with `Find` puts an asterisk (*) in front of each query or table containing the selected field or string. Starting from form or report picks up underlying query.


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